How To Start In Affiliate Marketing

A career in affiliate marketing can be very rewarding. Keep in mind that if you are a complete beginner and wish to learn how to start in affiliate marketing, it can also be very frustrating. That is because the concept sounds very simple and many people think that they can get a good start by just reading all about it in different forums, purchasing a few e-books, and putting into practice the things that are taught.

marketing puzzleSuch an approach to learning is an inefficient one, as there are many holes… gaping holes in your education. Part of the problem is that when starting out, you really don’t know what you don’t know. You also don’t know what you need to know. Most of what you find out there is like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. You cannot put them together because you have no idea what the big picture (the finished puzzle) is supposed to look like.

You have many small pieces but no foundation from which to build upon. In a puzzle, you create the foundation from the corner pieces and then the edge pieces. Then you look for colors to match. In affiliate marketing, there are many small pieces but unless you have learned the basics, then you will have no foundation. Let us explore a little more into how to learn affiliate marketing.

Learn Affiliate Marketing Secrets

In order to make their marketing efforts prosperous, many people seek to learn the affiliate marketing secrets that are out there. Let me break it to you very gently… there are no secrets. The real secret is to learn the skills that hard work and proper training will get you. It is not a secret that makes a skillful doctor. It is the  knowledge that comes from proper training and education. With affiliate marketing it is the same.

We both know that there is no “get rich quick” easy button here or there. If you see an advertisement for some push button software or some secret in an e-book… run the other way, please! If you want to learn affiliate marketing then get educated by the best in the field.

Learn Affiliate Marketing Basics

You really do need to learn affiliate marketing basics. Once you learn the basics and build a solid foundation, you have learned a skill that can enable you to build upon that foundation in more ways than you may think. Learning the skills of affiliate marketing enables you to help your local businesses if you so choose. You will be able to help them bring more customers inside their doors. Local marketing utilizes the same skills as affiliate marketing, but it gives you a choice as to where and how to use them. You may even want to help your favorite non-profit group.

Learn Affiliate Marketing For Free

There are also those who try to learn affiliate marketing for free. There are programs and training centers where you can get some of the basics for free. One of those training centers where we  received some of our best training does indeed have a free option. It is designed for those who are just getting started and know little about affiliate marketing as beginners.

However, you have to be careful with those as they will keep you at the beginner phase. They do not teach much about how to really get traffic or how to write content that converts. One of our favorite places no longer offers a free option but does indeed teach advanced ways to get your website noticed and converting to sales. Isn’t that what it is really all about?

The training we recommend is available in the form of individual classes or a business bundle which can be purchased for a one time fee. Any purchase from this group makes you eligible to join a private FaceBook group where you can get your individual questions answered by people who are currently earning a living in affiliate marketing.

Where To Learn Affiliate Marketing

If you wish to learn affiliate marketing the right way there are a few choices. We have our own favorite, of course, but it is not the only one. We do believe that it is the one that offers the most value.

Over the years, we, (Jay and Glenda), have collectively purchased many of the affiliate marketing products that have been and are out there. Some of the things we have experimented with have been membership sites, forums, including the Warrior Forum, and different programs from some of the best out there. Some of the products that were purchased were helpful but would have been put to better use if we would have known the basics first. As mentioned above, when you are new, you don’t know what it is that you don’t know. You can’t understand advanced theories and techniques when you don’t know the basics. You definitely need someone to help you start properly at the beginning and build up slowly, so you won’t be discouraged and lose your focus on your new online endeavor.

Best Way To Learn Affiliate Marketing

The best way to learn affiliate marketing is from people who are making their living in what they teach.  You need access to the help of a good coach or mentor. You need to learn from people who are currently earning  good income using solid, up to date marketing techniques. They will help you to learn how to build a website from the ground up. The place that we recommend is the best training we have found that can get you from complete beginner to actually making money the fastest of any we have seen. They will not waste your time or your money. You will spend your time learning and applying what you learn. We might add that we have seen a few really good ones that are also legitimate.

Our Recommended place for learning will help you:

  • learn the basics
  • Pick a niche (a segment of a market… )
  • Find low competition keywords and learn you the proper way to use them
  • Build a website that is tight, relevant and search engine friendly
  • Have all your questions, simple or complex, answered, by people who are in the business and know their stuff.
  • Make your website look professional – eye appeal is buy appeal
  • learn how to present the information that your potential customers are looking for
  • Make sure that you are giving real benefit to your website visitors
  • Attract visitors to that website through both search engines and social media
  • Learn how to convert those visitors to buyers
  • and so much more.
  •  feedback on your work and suggestions when you need it within the private coaching group.

How to Start In Affiliate Marketing

What I have just described is what you would get if you were to purchase the business bundle training class and join the free private coaching group.  It is absolutely “newbie” friendly and keeps you learning all the way through advanced stages. You can work at your own pace so whether you have 1 or 8 hours a day, you will eventually get through all the necessary steps to get your own start in affiliate marketing.

Within the business bundle, you will find step by step training tutorials along with written text to reinforce what you just saw. As you watch the videos and apply them yourself, you will find that you are learning the very basic essentials needed to build your foundation, the one we spoke of earlier.

As you continue your tutorials and apply what you learn,

You will become knowledgeable in finding out how to join reliable affiliate programs that will pay you a percentage of the purchase price when a website visitor buys something through your website. You will learn many of the behind the scenes technical stuff that you have never heard of but need to know when you have a website.

You will meet people in the coaching group who are also learning just like you. Some of them are in need of additional income and are committed to invest in their future. There is a great mix of people in that community who enjoy helping one another.

We Believe…

What we are telling you here is what has been our personal experience. We strongly believe that it will also be your experience when you decide to take action and join this training center and its community. If you seriously want to start in affiliate marketing, we don’t know of a better way to start off. Would you like to start conquering your finances by investing in your own future? We truly wish we had started many years ago. As for you, there is no better time than right now. Start here today!

Your friends who dare to care,

Jay and Glenda

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